Feng Shui Gold Sandstone Pendulum Pendant for Wealth

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Material: Gold Sandstone Crystals
Size: 1cm x 4cm

GOLD SANDSTONE or GOLDSTONE, also known as the Stone of Ambition, can help you achieve your goals with persistence and determination. No goal is too big or too small with Goldstone. When you decide that you want to achieve something, Goldstone’s energies will work with you to make it happen. It will help you stay calm even in emotionally volatile moments. It will make sure that you don’t do or say something that you will regret. It will work to calm your strong emotions so that you will still be able to think clearly and not make any rash decisions. Goldstone will help you stay energized and enthusiastic. It will revitalize your energy field so that there’s no dull moment spent with you.  

Goldstone is an uplifting stone that reduces tension, enhances motivation, attracts positive energy, and encourages concentration and focus. Use Goldstone to gain riches, wealth, fame, and desired diplomacy. This gem raises self-esteem and increases self-worth, It helps you feel in control of your life and refills your confidence.  

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