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Feng Shui Amitabha Red Buddha Medallion Amulet Keychain for Protection

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Material: Metal 

Size (LxWxH/cm): 4.4 x 0.4 x 4.4, 12 

This Medallion Keychain features the Amitabha Buddha sitting on a lotus on one side and a cintamani (wish-fulfilling jewel that grants all right desires) encircled in powerful mantra on the other. 

Amitabha Buddha is the head of the Lotus Family. This Buddha is red in colour and his symbols is the lotus. He resides in the West direction. 

Known as the Compassionate Buddha. He destroys all attachment, promotes unconditional loving, and activates the wisdom of non-attachment. This Medallion Keychain exudes an aura of calmness and offers protection from obstacles and dangers, and helps overcome obstacles to success. It also brings incredible blessings and enhances your loving and compassionate nature.

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