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Feng Shui Brass Na Zha Statue - Marshal Of The Central Altar 哪吒三太子

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Material: BrassBrass
Size (LxWxH/cm): 6x6.4x10.8 cm

Na Zha is known for his power to spit fire and overcome demons and ghosts - especially useful during the Hungry Ghost month.  

This is a statue of Nazha depicted holding a golden hoop (cosmic ring), a spear in his hand and a pair of flaming wheels (Wind Fire Wheels) under his feet which enable him to fly.

Nazha, Nezha, Na Cha or Lazha is a protection deity, also known as Sam Tai Tze (Third Lotus Prince). His official Taoist name is "Marshal of the Central Altar"

Legend has it that Nazha was the third son of a great Chinese military general Li Jing who was born after 3 years and six months of pregnancy. Na Zha was a very misbehaved child and brought to his family big troubles when he fought and killed one of the sons of the Dragon King of the East Sea. To spare his family and his village from the wrath of the Dragon King, the remorseful Na Zha severed ties with his family and took his life as a redemption. Na Zha was later brought to life by an Immortal whom Na Zha’s mother sought help from. The “rebirthed” Na Zha became a different person. He reconciled and teamed up with his father and became famous for their heroic career of demon slaying. Due to his bravery, loyalty and achievements, Na Zha was later awarded by the Jade Emperor to be the chief commander of the 36 Celestials of the Heaven as the guardian of the gate of Heaven. He is known for his power to spit fire and overcome demons and ghosts.  

Besides for protection from evil forces, many worship Na Zha as a God of Lotteries and Gambling, particularly in Taiwan and parts of South-east Asia. Of all the Chinese Deities, he's probably the only one mischievous enough to reveal the winning numbers! Parents who have problems taking their children in hand would also pray to Na Zha, hoping that their children would become more filial, well-behaved and responsible.

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