Feng Shui Golden Wulou with Pakua, .八卦葫芦

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Material: Metal
Size (LxWxH/cm): 2.1 x 2.1 x 4.1

This beautiful Wu Lou is made of metal with gold plated and etched with designs of the gourd plant as well well the symbols of Pakua with eight trigrams to ward off negative forces. For best results, this wulou comes tied with a red ribbon to magnify and multiply the good chi.

Wu Lou is a symbol of longevity which also brings an abundance of divine blessings. Also known as the the bottle gourd or the “calabash”, Wu Lou is a powerful traditional symbol of longevity, good health, prosperity and an abundance of blessings. Displaying a Wu Lou in and around the home is a good thing to have to enhance one’s Feng Shui.

Place or hang this Golden Wulou anywhere you like for instance your briefcase, handbag, office or your car. The Golden Wulou will ensure good health and good luck is always by your side. The Golden Wulou will absorb negative Chi and prevent bad things and harm from happening to you.

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