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Feng Shui Green Tara Protection Wheel Keychain Amulet

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Material: Metal
Size (LxWxH/cm): 5x5x0.3 cm, 12 cm 

The elegant color emanating from this Green Tara Protection Wheel highlights the seed syllable of Tara - TAM. She has the ability to help those who call on her to surmount obstacles and achieve desires. To quickly overcome problems and ask her to grant your wishes, keep her amulet nearby.

As an added layer of auspicious help, give the Tara Protection Wheel power by chanting her mantra of OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA over the wheel on a regular basis. Memorizing this mantra and chanting it while rubbing the wheel is especially effective at any time you need assistance as this invokes her blessings.

 The Goddess Green Tara of universal compassion is believed to have powers to protect and help overcome fears, anxieties and dangers in the gravest of situations. Those wishing to be granted a child, sick wishing for good health, poor wishing for wealth and singles wishing for marriage seek her assistance. 

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