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Feng Shui Tibetan Nine Palace Pakua Buddhist Mandala Universal Turtle Charm Protection Card Amulet 九宫八卦

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Material: Metal card 

Size (LxH/cm):5 x 8 

At the top of the Mandala sits three deities, Manjushri, Avalokiteshvara and Vajrapani whose qualities of wisdom, compassion and strength dispel ignorance, remove sufferings and protect against evil respectively. 

The Universal Tortoise symbol, one of the most powerful Tibetan symbols of protection, is in the center. The famous Lo Shu magic square of 9 numbers surrounded by the 8 trigrams of yin and yang lines forms the heart of the tortoise. The 12 horoscope animals circle the magic square; each assigned its own direction and color coded according to its intrinsic element. All these details combined with the tortoise as the symbol for order, creation, endurance, stability and strength makes this item a formidable cure as well as enhancer. 

This is a pocket size carry-along Tibetan Buddhist Mandala Card ideal for your wallet or purse. It is an excellent remedy for the malevolent #3 hostile star that brings quarrels, verbal assaults, hostilities, negative encounters, lawsuits and court case. Having this powerful talisman close to you will suppress not only the #3 quarrelsome star but also dissolve other threatening energies directing at you, thus giving you peace of mind. 

Carrying the Mandala Card with you all the time will also act like a personal guardian against the malicious #5 Yellow star which brings accidents, misfortunes, financial loss and severe problems. You can put it in your pocket ,wallet ,purse or put it on the wall to ward off negative energies. Whether as protector or enhancer, the Mandala Card is a powerful guardian which also brings you blessings of joy, abundance, success and good health 

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