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Feng Shui Nine Emperor Brass Chinese Coins [RED/YELLOW]Tassel 9 King I Ching 九帝铜钱

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Material: Brass coins

Size: 2.5cm diameter per coin

Size (LxWxH / cm):2.5 x 0.1 x 42

This is a Nine Emperor Coins Tassel stringed in series with a bright yellow string with a Mystic knot and a tassel to empower the Chi of the coins.

Brass emperor coins are considered an ideal wealth luck in Feng Shui, enticing the trifecta of heaven, earth and man luck to support your finances and achievement. The metal coin element is known to be extra attractive to wealth luck while the longevity knot will ensure that this luck is long lasting. Hang this charm from any of your business books, tools or items, display it behind your desk or beside your cash register or hang it from the inside of your door knob to symbolize wealth coming in.

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